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Generat Lead

Visa Synergy elevates your reach by connecting your business with the right audience. We are masters at generating leads for Immigration Consultancy businesses. Besides generating more leads, we help you manage your leads’ credentials efficiently. Our lead generation and management process make your relationship with clients stronger. Our automated lead management tools help with every task, including lead status, follow-ups, handling queries, assigning agents, and scheduling meetings. From connecting with the leads to their conversion, we make the entire process smooth and reliable, eliminating tedious manual data maintenance. We offer impactful marketing strategies and a convenient portal to attract the target audience. Therefore, Visa Synergy is the most trustworthy name to get the desired leads and boost your reach.

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Proper Assessment

Our software is designed to reduce the effort invested in immigration consultancy businesses by replacing the traditional time-consuming system with trustworthy and quick software. Our automated CRM software enables prompt and error-free data maintenance, simplifying proper assessment. With the help of automation, businesses can save the time and effort involved in complex visa processes.

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Agreement Management

Our impressive agreement management process ensures your agreement is updated and well-maintained. It includes automated and prompt reminders for the renewal of the agreement. In addition to sending reminders before agreement expiry, our software reduces the data maintenance burden through automated management of the agreement’s data and third-party contract details. Our cloudbased end-to-end encrypted software is highly beneficial and reliable for agreement management and updation due to its convenient and tested design. Moreover, we also lessen the struggles of maintaining paperwork and manual records. Rely on us to get rid of time and space-occupying processes and get all your data stored safely in our cloud-based software.

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We understand the concerns attached to clients’ confidential data in immigration consultancy businesses. When utilizing Visa Synergy’s modern CRM-integrated software, there is no need to worry about security. Our software is designed to guarantee the safety of your confidential data and clients’ information. While we frequently update our software features and efficiency, we analyze safety features timely to ensure secure workflow all the time. Thus, you can trust Visa Synergy’s software for easy, fast, and safe immigration-related processes, including work permits, visa processes, job banks, Canada PR, and third-party communications.

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Inquiry Management

An immigration consultancy business has to tackle a lot of inquiries in a single day. Moreover, inquiry management is a significant part of the lead generation process. For the same, you need an efficient tool. The faster reverts to inquiries result in better impressions of potential leads. Thus, it helps with the follow-up process and lead conversion. Our automation strategy simplifies the inquiry management process while assisting the immigration business with increasing leads inquiries. Visa Synergy’s CRM-integrated software ensures quick and effective communication, promising timely reverts to all inquiries, regardless of how gradually the leads’ inquiries are growing.

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Scheduled Meeting

Scheduling meetings is an integral part of immigration service businesses. With our modern and innovative software, you or your client can conveniently schedule meetings or appointments. Our meeting management features include timely reminders for appointments. Utilizing our software, you can select the right clients, schedule meeting timing, rectify meeting details, set meeting expectations, and build better relations. You can access details of your next meeting through our CRM software anytime. The scheduled meeting management features help with the convenient and impactful engagement with old clients and potential leads.

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CRM Analytics

Our modern, well-researched, and tested cloud-based software helps with efficient data storage and management. It even allows the recovery of lost data through a backup feature. In addition, you can access, track, analyze, and update the stored data through our innovative CRM-integrated software. The data analysis will help you prepare impactful marketing strategies and the best solutions for your clients. Our CRM analytics allow quick data management, data analysis, and future predictions to benefit immigration consultancy businesses. In addition to backup facilities, our software guarantees safety for your entire database.

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Business Partner Management

No immigration consultancy business can grow in the absence of effective business partner management. Our integrated software helps with business partner management with automated partner selection. We help you achieve this objective by enhancing your visibility. You can also analyze your partner’s performance and partnership process. In addition, our automated payout process assists in the prompt and error-free handling of sales commissions. Therefore, you can onboard the right business partner, monitor the growth process, track the sales commission, and handle payouts, all in one place without any hassle, by using Visa Synergy’s cloud-based technology.

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Client Management

The three most significant features essential for client satisfaction and lead generation are inquiry management, scheduled meeting management, and client data management. Visa Synergy’s high-end software meets all three requirements. We help immigration consultancy businesses manage and track clients’ immigration status and clients’ credentials. It enables you to handle all customer-related tasks efficiently and accurately. Moreover, you can rectify, remove, or update data as required to improve client management and avoid confusion. The best part is our software is less time-consuming and highly secure, ensuring you get better results without the excessive time and effort involved.

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Visa Process Management

The Visa process can be extremely tedious due to varying processes for different countries and categories, but our software simplifies all the complex tasks. Our multidisciplinary software automates the tasks and speeds up the entire process, suitable for every visa category. Our software helps with student visas, Canada PR, work permit visas, the screening process, and all other tasks involved in the visa process. We assist in secure and smooth visa processes for a physical visa, e-visa, and PR. In addition, our visa process management helps with lead generation and payment processes

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