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We are the only Technology Platform in the world that is committed to identify high quality education consultants and promote them and their activities.  

As long as you are a Quality Immigration Consultant we will get you Assured Business. 

Not just conferences and promises but business driven by real client traffic searching for you. Represent 21 countries, 250+ visa categories and 600+ of institutions around the world directly. 

We are delighted to hear that you are keen to register with Visa Synergy as an Immigration Consultant. 

Visa Synergy gives you an opportunity to work directly with Registered Canadina Immigration Consultant, various universities/institutions who are looking into the development of their international recruitment. As soon as agencies get CERTIFIED they can start using the following features. 

Subscribe for Visa Synergy ERP to manage your Offices and stay in 100% control of your business. Only system in the world that works how an Immigration Consultant wants a technology to work.

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Please Note: If student recruitment for International Education providers or Immigration are not your primary business then please do not waste time to fill this form as your account will not get approved and it will not be activated.

You must have a valid and active website for your agency business to get this account approved and activated, if you do not have a website or access to an official email ID please write to us on consultant@visasynerg​​